Providing reliable POE switches to the UK

A POE switch allows your network cables to have electrical power, meaning only a network connection needs to be made to receive electrical power for your security system. At Security Tec Ltd, we understand that there are many advantages to installing this technology; not only does it make your system more cost effective, but your equipment is also able to be located where it is most needed. POE switches are extremely safe and designed to be a long lasting network solution.

A flexible network switch for your security

Adding a POE switch to your network is effortless. Based in Croydon, Security Tec Ltd provides a vast range of network switch products to give you peace of mind throughout the UK. Ordering a POE switch means your security installations can be easily repositioned. You can explore our online range of security cameras and equipment, which include:

  • Network Gigabit and POE Switches
  • Wi-Fi and 3G Solutions
  • POE Extenders and Converters

For more information on POE switches, take a look at our online store today