Wireless video transmitters delivered anywhere in the UK

At Security Tec Ltd, we take pride in distributing dependable and quality wireless video transmitters all over the UK. They are the perfect solution for any customers that may find it troublesome to run cables. Wireless video transmitters are ideal for any clients who need hidden video cameras installed at a property. Able to receive video footage over long distances, our video transmission products will stay one step ahead, so you don’t have to.

Our dependable range of video transmission products

Based in Croydon, Security Tec Ltd provides a comprehensive range of wireless video transmitters. Our video transmission products provide safe and reliable solutions to any security installation. You can explore our online range of products and equipment, which include:

  • Video Baluns
  • VGA Solutions
  • Video Amps and Splitters
  • Wireless Solutions (Analogue)
  • HDMI Solutions

For our range of wireless video transmitters, visit our online store today