Providing the UK with state of the art number plate recognition

At Security Tec Ltd, our number plate recognition systems allow you to capture vehicle number plate information throughout the UK. This information can then be saved as data and used for further analysis. We distribute quality ANPR systems that allow lists of approved plates to be recognised for permitted access. They can also be programmed to give warnings when illegal plates are encountered.

Approved APNR systems

Based in Croydon, Security Tec Ltd understands that a number plate recognition system can be a much neededpiece of technology. We provide the most up-to-date products to give every customer peace of mind throughout the UK. Ordering an ANPR system is effortless with our next day delivery. You can explore our online range of car ANPR systems, which includes:


  • ANPR license plate systems; and
  • ANPR cameras

For more information on our number plate recognition equipment, visit our online store today